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Today, the biggest challenge faced by HoReCa sector is the management of kitchen staff. It has become extremely difficult find and retain Chefs, cooks and other helping staff in kitchens; especially for small hotels, restaurants and cafes. This iteration in cooking staff results in inconsistent taste and quality of the menu items; which ultimately results in loss of customers. Typically, in small restaurants and cafes, there is only one main chef for various cuisines, who is supported by assistant cooks. These restaurants can’t afford the complete hierarchy of kitchen staff like Executive Chefs, Sous Chef, CDP etc. India being a country of diverse cuisines, typically one chef doesn’t have expertise in various Indian cuisines. E.g. a chef having expertise in South Indian breakfast, may not have expertise in Authentic North Indian main course. Or a chef having expertise in main course may not be able cook variety of authentic snacks or starters.Also, heavy investment in kitchen equipment and less ROI due to increasingly thin margins in food industry because of increasing competition. Another major factor that affects the profitability of restaurants if the wastage. Keeping wastage under control for small establishments is extremely difficult as they can’t afford dedicated staff for various kitchen operations like Stores, Quality Control, Wastage control etc. Apart from the above challenges, managing various compliance like food hygiene and safety, staff safety, various government licenses etc. is also a tough job. That is the reason why more and more small and medium sized restaurants and cafes are running out of business.

EFCPL’s Solution to All your kitchen problems

Outsource the best quality food at affordable rates which can give you consistenttaste and quality.

Menu Variety:

Our chefs have crafted authentic home style recipes for more than 200 menu items of Pan Indian Cuisine (or we can say “wide range of menu items of Pan Indian cuisine). All the menu items available are Frozen heat and eat. All the frozen
products have a shelf life of more than 1 year, and preserve its nutritional values when held under -18 0 C.